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The Next Step Beyond the C3?

One of the biggest changes to affect the television industry over the past five years has been the transition from traditional program ratings to the C3 ratings that are the primary currency today. Program ratings, of course, give you informaton about the … Continue reading

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Sunbeam v. Nielsen

No sooner do I post a new paper on the unsettled law and policy of audience measurement than the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida releases its decision in Sunbeam Television Corp.’s antitrust lawsuit against Nielsen … Continue reading

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The Unsettled Law and Policy of Audience Measurement

This’ll be a short entry, as I’m mostly just plugging a new working paper, titled The Local People Meter, the Portable People Meter, and the Unsettled Law and Policy of Audience Measurement in the U.S. This paper will be included … Continue reading

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On the Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Public Participation in Media

This is going to seem like a bit of a tangent, but during my holiday hiatus I was reading a collection of academic pieces on screenwriting (certainly an understudied aspect of the motion picture industry) titled Analysing the Screenplay. The … Continue reading

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