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The Death of Demos?

A lot of interesting stories are coming out of this year’s Advertising Research Foundation Re:Think conference. One that particularly struck me involves research presented by David Poltrack of CBS, who partnered with Nielsen to produce a study demonstrating that the … Continue reading

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Further Developments on the Engagement Front

Anybody sick of hearing about engagement yet? I hope not, because just as I talked about in a fair bit of detail in Audience Evolution, and in a number of posts on this blog, engagement has essentially emerged as the … Continue reading

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The New York Times’ Paywall and Engagement

The big media news this past week was, of course, the launch of the New York Times’ new paywall system.  A key component of this system is that access remains free up to 20 articles per month, at which point the user is … Continue reading

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New Contributions to the History of Audience Understanding

One of the things I tried to do in Audience Evolution was to provide a thorough and comprehensive review of the literature on what I call “audience understanding” — which in this case refers to the various ways in which … Continue reading

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“Neurocinematics” and the Rationalization of Motion Picture Audiences

The relationship between the motion picture industry and its audience is one that I find fascinating.  There has long been a sort of love-hate relationship with audience research in the motion picture business, dating back to the very earliest days of … Continue reading

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The Latest Step Toward a Marketplace for “Engagement”

This week, Facebook announced that it is relaunching its commenting plug-in.  Under the current system, when a user made a comment on another site with their Facebook profile, the comment remained with the external site. Under the new system, those comments … Continue reading

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