Call for Papers: Audience Research and Media Management

Just a quick heads-up today on an item that might be of interest to the readers of this blog.  The International Journal on Media Management has issued a Call for Papers for a Focus Issue on Audience Research and Media Management.

The specific topics of interest include:

The ways in which audience behavior is changing in the new media environment – and the implications of these changes for media managers

How new analytical approaches and new tools for analyzing audience behavior can be used to generate new strategic insights into media audiences

How audience-generated content and new forms of audience interactivity affect contemporarymaudience research

The technical and methodological challenges associated with measuring audience behavior on new media platforms

The evolving role of audience research in the management of media organizations

The competitive dynamics of the audience measurement industry

The policy implications surrounding the deployment of new audience measurement systems

The uses of audience research in policymaking contexts


Needless to say, I think it is a very important time for scholars and industry practitioners to be looking deeply into these topics (and, full disclosure, I’ve been asked to contribute the introductory article to this Focus Issue). 

I have no doubt that there are some folks out there with very interesting ideas/findings to contribute, that can make these topics really resonate with the broader community of media management scholars and practitioners.

Final papers are due by August 25th.


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