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Nielsen, Social Guide and the Merger of Old and New Approaches to TV Audience Measurement

An inevitable development took place this week in the evolving television audience marketplace, with Nielsen acquiring social TV analytics start-up Social Guide. Advertisements

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Recent Developments in the Post-Exposure Audience Marketplace

We’re in the midst of Advertising Week here in New York, which provides an interesting lens into how the audience marketplace is reacting to the ongoing changes in how consumers use media, and in how this usage can be measured.

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The Evolution of an Online Audience Currency

As I’ve touched upon in previous posts, the online advertising space has yet to see the development of a single, mutually agreed-upon currency along the same lines of what we have in television with the C3 rating.  We might finally … Continue reading

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Latest Developments on the Set-Top Box Front

As much as I argue in Audience Evolution that we are moving toward a post-exposure audience marketplace, in which criteria such as engagement, recall, etc. are going to increasingly serve as supplementary (and in some cases, alternative) currencies to traditional … Continue reading

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Social Media, Television, and the Evolution of the “Institutionally Effective” Audience

I recently had the honor of being invited to present some of my current research to the faculty and students of MIT’s program in Comparative Media Studies.  I presented some preliminary findings from my ongoing research into how various social … Continue reading

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On the Ongoing Evolution of Online Audience Measurement

It’s sometimes easy to forget that how new, relatively speaking, the Internet is as an advertising medium.  But the still-unsettled state of online audience measurement provides us with a strong reminder.  This is well reflected in the 9-month old Making … Continue reading

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Latest Developments in the Evolution of the C3

The adoption in 2007 of the C3 commercial rating as the standard currency in the purchasing of national television audiences is perhaps one of the most profound changes to affect the economics of television in the past 20-30 years.  However, as … Continue reading

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