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Nielsen, Social Guide and the Merger of Old and New Approaches to TV Audience Measurement

An inevitable development took place this week in the evolving television audience marketplace, with Nielsen acquiring social TV analytics start-up Social Guide.

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The Many Facets of Online Audience Engagement

A common topic of this blog (as well as a point of focus of the Audience Evolution book) has been the concept of engagement, and how various stakeholders (measurement firms, advertisers, content providers, etc.) are working to create concrete defintions … Continue reading

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Social Media, Television, and the Evolution of the “Institutionally Effective” Audience

I recently had the honor of being invited to present some of my current research to the faculty and students of MIT’s program in Comparative Media Studies.  I presented some preliminary findings from my ongoing research into how various social … Continue reading

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Some Initial Thoughts on Next-Generation Ratings Analysis

Traditionally, when we’ve talked about audience ratings, we’ve talked about the kind of data on audience size and demographics reflected in the exposure-focused measurement services provided by firms such as Nielsen and Arbitron.  As I’ve been discussing quite a bit … Continue reading

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Advertising Week Round-Up

This week was Advertising Week here in New York.  And, as is always the case, a lot of interesting stories emerged from the event.  A lot of them this time around focused on the continuingly volatile state of television ratings.

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Bringing Neuro-Metrics into the Home

Perhaps one of the most intriguing emerging fields of audience measurement is what has been dubbed “neuro-metrics.”  Neuro-metrics involves the use of neuroscience based systems to measure audiences’ emotional response and cognitive engagement with different types of content.

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Further Developments on the Engagement Front

Anybody sick of hearing about engagement yet? I hope not, because just as I talked about in a fair bit of detail in Audience Evolution, and in a number of posts on this blog, engagement has essentially emerged as the … Continue reading

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The New York Times’ Paywall and Engagement

The big media news this past week was, of course, the launch of the New York Times’ new paywall system.  A key component of this system is that access remains free up to 20 articles per month, at which point the user is … Continue reading

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The Latest Step Toward a Marketplace for “Engagement”

This week, Facebook announced that it is relaunching its commenting plug-in.  Under the current system, when a user made a comment on another site with their Facebook profile, the comment remained with the external site. Under the new system, those comments … Continue reading

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On the Persistence and Evolution of Program Ratings

For most folks, if you’ve heard of “Q Scores,” then you probably think of those survey results telling you how popular and recognizable different celebrities are.  Now, though, Q Scores, and another company, General Sentiment, have partnered to branch out … Continue reading

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