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Thoughts on a Possible “Data Bubble”

I’m in the process of conducting interviews with a range of media, advertising, and audience measurement industry professionals on the changes in the field of audience measurement, and their potential implications.  And increasingly, not only through these interviews, but through … Continue reading

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The Movie Industry’s Latest Effort to Understand its Audience

Earlier this month, Warner Brothers acquired the movie-focused social media site Flixster, along with the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes.  There are all sorts of strategic reasons why a movie studio would want to own these sites, but the one … Continue reading

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Data Deluge

It seems each passing day provides further examples of how the process of understanding media audiences requires navigating an ever-increasing flow of audience data from a variety of sources

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Bringing Neuro-Metrics into the Home

Perhaps one of the most intriguing emerging fields of audience measurement is what has been dubbed “neuro-metrics.”  Neuro-metrics involves the use of neuroscience based systems to measure audiences’ emotional response and cognitive engagement with different types of content.

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New Contributions to the History of Audience Understanding

One of the things I tried to do in Audience Evolution was to provide a thorough and comprehensive review of the literature on what I call “audience understanding” — which in this case refers to the various ways in which … Continue reading

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“Neurocinematics” and the Rationalization of Motion Picture Audiences

The relationship between the motion picture industry and its audience is one that I find fascinating.  There has long been a sort of love-hate relationship with audience research in the motion picture business, dating back to the very earliest days of … Continue reading

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The Latest Development in the Rationalization of Audience Understanding

One of the things I talk about in Audience Evolution is how certain sectors of the media industry have historically been much more active than others in terms of gathering and analyzing data about their audiences.  Generally (not surprisingly), ad-supported media … Continue reading

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