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New Media, New Demand Measurement Methodologies

The Audience Evolution blog has unfortuantely been on the back burner the past couple of months as I’ve been drowning in a number of other obligations. But I am finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel and … Continue reading

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The Many Facets of Online Audience Engagement

A common topic of this blog (as well as a point of focus of the Audience Evolution book) has been the concept of engagement, and how various stakeholders (measurement firms, advertisers, content providers, etc.) are working to create concrete defintions … Continue reading

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The Evolution of an Online Audience Currency

As I’ve touched upon in previous posts, the online advertising space has yet to see the development of a single, mutually agreed-upon currency along the same lines of what we have in television with the C3 rating.  We might finally … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Political Audience Analysis

A number of years ago I started (but eventually abandoned, for reasons I can’t remember) a project examining the dynamics of political media buying.  One of the consistent themes that emerged in the early stages of this project was the … Continue reading

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Social Media, Television, and the Evolution of the “Institutionally Effective” Audience

I recently had the honor of being invited to present some of my current research to the faculty and students of MIT’s program in Comparative Media Studies.  I presented some preliminary findings from my ongoing research into how various social … Continue reading

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On the Ongoing Evolution of Online Audience Measurement

It’s sometimes easy to forget that how new, relatively speaking, the Internet is as an advertising medium.  But the still-unsettled state of online audience measurement provides us with a strong reminder.  This is well reflected in the 9-month old Making … Continue reading

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The Role of Audience Measurement in the Evolution of TV Everywhere

One of the points I emphasize in both Audience Evolution and its precursor, Audience Economics, is that history has shown that the key to a new media technology or platform gaining a foothold as an economically viable advertising medium is … Continue reading

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Advertising Week Round-Up

This week was Advertising Week here in New York.  And, as is always the case, a lot of interesting stories emerged from the event.  A lot of them this time around focused on the continuingly volatile state of television ratings.

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Stakeholder Resistance and Negotiation in the Online Arena

Continuing with the last post’s theme of the process of stakeholder resistance and negotiation that is a key element of the process of audience evolution, this week an interesting class action lawsuit was filed against well-known Internet audience measurement firm comScore.  This … Continue reading

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The Audience Evolution Pace Accelerates

The Audience Evolution blog has been on a bit of a summer hiatus, but we’re back in business now. Not only are there a lot of new developments taking place of late that require discussion (see below), but over the … Continue reading

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